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Itata and Biobio regions are home for 200+ year old vines, local grapes such as Pais, Moscatel, Cinsault and Carignan, and a group of avant-garde "garagiste" producers. Different to the general wine scene in Chile, domination by big players, we chose to work with the new comers in the southern regions. They make low intervention wine that are unoaked, light in alcohol and wonderfully scented.


Italy offers nearly 400 indigenous grape varieties and huge diversity in topology and climatic condition. Mountains provide freshness especially in the southern regions. Mediterranean climate provides ideal condition for minimal intervention in agriculture. Innovations in vessels for fermentation and maturation help create intriguing styles of wine. As an Italian wine specialist from the foundation of the company, we can not be more enthusiastic about the crazily rich wine culture this country can offer.

Our Producers: Recipes
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